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Movement Timeline I | History of Design

Movement Timeline I

Art 85 MidTerm

Lascaux Cave painting, France.
17,000 BP
Ishango Bone Use to measure, keep tally. Found in Africa http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?p=75
Petroglyphs Carvings on rocks. Southwest USA http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?p=75
Hieroglyphics Egyptian symbols http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?p=75
Sumerian First true letter shape http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?p=75
Cuneiform First organized letter shape. Same cohesive look. http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?p=75
Phoenician First 26 letter alphabet http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?p=75
Roman/Greek Simplified and organized version of Phoenician http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?p=75
Sanskrit Ancient language similar to Arabic http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?p=75
Rosetta Stone Stone with scripture in 3 languages. Used to decipher. Used for translation. http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?p=75
Unical Capital letters. Just uppercase. http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?p=75
half-unical First time having both uppercase and lowercase together. New level of organization. http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?p=75
Column of Trajan 100 ft tall Roman column for Emperor Trajan.
Tells his story in a spiral down the column.
Book of Kells Ancient book to convert pagans to Christianity. http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?p=75
Michelangelo Sistine chapel http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?p=222
DaVinci Mona Lisa, Last Supper http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?p=222
Titian Venus of Urbino http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?p=222
Raphael ‘Assunta’ (Assumption of the Virgin Mary) http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?p=222
Durer German etchings, leading craftsman – 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?p=222
German Renaissance Use of black letter shapes. Heavier gothic type. http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?p=222
Pi Sheng First moveable type – jade http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?p=216
Gutenberg First use of printing press. 1450 http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?p=216
Mainz City where Gutenberg’s first press was housed http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?p=216
Lyons Start of printing in France http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?p=216
Copperplate First commercialized typeface http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?p=216
Jensen Typographer http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?p=216
Grilla Typographer http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?p=216
Garamond Typographer http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?p=216
Caslon Typographer http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?p=216
Didot Typographer http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?p=216
Bodoni Typographer http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?p=216
Manitus Inventor of first italic typographer http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?p=216
Poor Richards Almanac First modern newspaper. Publisher: Ben Franklin http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?p=222
Senefelder Inventor of lithography http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?p=222
Chromolithography Use of multiple colors. Lithography with multiple colors. http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?p=222
Machine printing First time they hooked up to an actual machine. Increased production. http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?p=222
Goudy Typographer http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?p=222
Linotype Machine typography. First time type could be set in a machine. Full lines of type set to whatever height and width you specify. http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?p=222
VOGUE First magazines http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?page_id=547
Harper’s Bazzar First magazines. Weekly http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?page_id=547
Cheret French posters. Very specific aesthetic/style. http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?page_id=547
Beggarstaff Brothers Commercial posters. Not fine art. http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?page_id=547
Niepce Inventor of photography http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?p=263
Talbot Early photographer http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?p=263
Daguerre Inventor of Daguerre type http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?p=263
Muybridge Crazy SOB who invented motion pictures. http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?p=263
Edison Wizard of Menlo Park – Countless patents. http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?p=263
Tesla Nikola, electricity, radio, etc. http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?p=263
Art Nouveau Decorative art – circular http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?page_id=547
Bauhaus/Dada  Design School – Art Movement
Art Deco  Non-decorative art style – linear http://art85.patrickaievoli.com/?page_id=547
Farnsworth Inventor of television