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Printing Press v. Internet | History of Design

Assignment Two

Discuss the impact created globally, culturally and economically by the invention of the printing press versus the Internet. Reading will be Vannevar Bush’s “As We May Think”. Students will be asked to be strong in rhetoric and writing style. The papers must have an opinion and that opinion will not be judged as incorrect but more so on the facts presented. We then present in class and discuss the viewpoints of the students.

Title Page – with course number
Abstract – purpose of paper – To discuss the impact of the Printing Press or the Internet? – 100 words
1st Section – Historical background of both the Printing Press and the Internet – 300 words
2nd Section – What was the impact of the Printing Press and the Internet? – 500 words
3rd Section – Using the research links below provide facts to support your position – 400 words
Conclusion – Your personal opinion from your observations and research – 200 words
Printing Press Internet
Pros Cons Pros Cons
Easily replicated Still Limited Access Easy access Anyone can publish
Lower costs Loss of Calligraphy Minimal cost Minimal quality
Peer Review Limited Distribution No Peer Review
Enlightenment Instant Distribution Forever

Research links

“As We May Think” link click here

On the economy – 

McKinsey – 

Impact on Education – 

Internet and Printing Press – 

Due Date: 10/26/18